Cure Puck Community Rules

Here are some essential ground rules for forum participants to ensure a positive and productive community:

Be Respectful:
Treat fellow participants with kindness and respect. Avoid offensive language, personal attacks, or discriminatory behavior.
Disagree without being disagreeable. Express differing opinions constructively.

Stay On Topic:
Keep discussions relevant to the forum’s theme or subject matter. Avoid going off-topic.
If you have unrelated questions or topics, create a new thread or find an appropriate existing one.

Listen First, Then Respond:
Seek to understand others before making your point. Active listening leads to better conversations.
Ask questions, find common ground, and avoid making discussions personal.

No Self-Promotion or Spam:
Avoid excessive self-promotion or spammy content. Focus on adding value to discussions.
Respect the community’s purpose and guidelines.

Discuss Undiscussable Issues:
Address challenging or sensitive topics that everyone is thinking about but avoids discussing.
Prioritize the group’s benefit over individual discomfort.

Agree to Disagree:
Recognize that differing opinions exist. It’s okay not to reach consensus.
Focus on finding common ground or understanding each other.

Remember, these rules foster a healthy and vibrant community.

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